Praise for The Spark

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“The Spark is an invaluable user guide for managers everywhere. It’s a timely reminder to think about those vital people and process issues that often get over-looked. It doesn’t tell you what to do, it helps you to discover it for yourself.”

Mark Adams, Director of Communications, International Olympic Committee

“If you are managing a start-up business in the creative sector this book has great guiding principles and insights. If you have been managing a creative business for some years this book will remind you of many things that ought to be on your to-do list.  I’m sure I’ll be dipping in and out of this book for many years to come.”

David Sproxton CBE, Co-founder and Executive Chairman, Aardman Animation

“If you run a creative business or team and want to take the tension out of getting the best from people – Greg Orme has written your handbook.”

Adrian Monck, Managing Director, Communications, World Economic Forum

“Greg Orme’s experience as a coach and consultant shines through in The Spark.  He has taken what he has learned from working with creative businesses, distilled it into clear ideas and generously presented it in a way that is engaging to read and practical to apply. The Spark makes it easier for us to learn from the best of ourselves.”

Nicola Ukiah, EMEA Learning & Development Director, Ogilvy & Mather

“The Spark is essential reading for anyone wanting to harness creativity to drive business success.”

Wil Harris, Head of Digital, Condé Nast UK

As head of the communications department for an organization that is going through a huge amount of change this year, I had my global team read this book so they would stay committed and focused on maintaining creativity and innovation through the transition. Greg provides ideas and process behind how to “create” creativity and innovation – really spelling it out. Sometimes when you are so focused on the day to day pressures you are faced with going through a major change, a detailed “guide” is needed to get you going. It was an easy read for me and my team – a light read combining humor and insight to keep you interested until the end. Highly recommended for teams going through business change in need of a “spark” to keep the creativity going.

Jill Williams,  Global Corporate Communications, eBay Classifieds Group

 “At last! A book that explains the power of commercial creativity – and how it can be used to turnaround your business fortunes. Superb.”

Emyr Afan, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Avanti Media

“Essential reading for anyone who takes creativity in business seriously.  Managing for ideas can sometimes feel like nailing jelly to a wall – but Greg Orme has managed to make it seem very doable. He shows business insight needn’t be dry and dull: this is funny, full of fantastic tips and anecdotes – and offers unique access to some great creative minds. A top book, highly recommended.”

Stuart Murphy, Director, Sky Entertainment Channels, BSkyB

“Greg Orme has put his finger on the pulse of creative businesses and come up with a remarkable handbook for founders, managers and employees trying to create or recreate the type of environment they need to grow and succeed – bravo!”

John Bates, Fellow in Strategy & Entrepreneurship at London Business School

“We’ve certainly not nailed the ‘habits’ by any stretch, but Greg Orme’s practically structured thoughts and insights have given me the confidence that we are doing some things right, and the impetus to consciously embed them into our culture and the way we operate. It’s a book I shall be returning to regularly. Highly recommend.”

Alastair Williams, Co-founder and Creative Director, mark-making*

“A must-read for anyone looking for that bolt of inspiration to boost their business. The Spark provides an incredibly engaging, and most importantly practical guide to ensuring any creative business is always at the very top of its game. Trying to come up with that next era-defining idea can feel like getting lost in a maze. The Spark provides a much-needed map.”

Tim Cunningham, Head of Daytime at Princess Productions

“A refreshing, honest and inspiring look at how to get the creative juices flowing within any team. Punchy, concise and tackles the thorny issues head on, with some fantastically insightful anecdotes.”

Mark Ellis, Managing Director, digital agency Syzygy 

“Greg Orme is as stimulating off the page as he is in person.”

Robert Tansey, Executive Director, Sky Creative, BSkyB

“The Spark is engaging, insightful and totally relevant. Packed with good ideas, it has a real sense of purpose and goes to the heart of what it means to manage creative people and run a creative business. The basic ideas are smart and perceptive, the examples well chosen and the layout is easy to follow all of which makes this an inspiring and genuinely useful book.”

Nick Catliff, Managing Director, Lion Television

“How to keep the flame of creativity burning under the oxygen-depleting blankets of corporate bureaucracy is the single biggest challenge facing 21st century managers.  On the lessons drawn from his brilliantly researched case studies of companies and individuals who know how to do it, Greg Orme has assembled a master-class in creative management. Timely, important and eminently practicable, “The Spark” should be read and re-read by anyone with a stake in keeping the flame alive.”  

Gordon Torr, a former Global Creative Director of global advertising agency JWT, and author of ‘Managing Creative People’ 

“I can’t remember a business book where I have turned down the corners of so many pages so I can go back and make a note of them properly. It will repay revisiting and where you really can apply the learnings to make a difference to the working world. All in all an impressive achievement.”

Jeremy Shaw, former COO of marketing agency Kitcatt Nohr Digitas

“The Spark is supremely relevant, practical and playful. It can easily be the go-to get-creative guide for business leaders across a range of industries. I’ll use it and refer it.”

Juliet Erickson, Communication Specialist and Author of ‘The Art of Persuasion’

“The Spark” takes innovation thinking further by identifying actionable tools and approaches to improve creativity within a commercial context, backed with great stories and evidence that convinces. Greg Orme’s concept of “Electric Conversations” has stuck with me, and is a great way of reflecting on what we do every day, and how much of it will have a real impact on growth in the future.”

Pam Hamilton,  Innovation Consultant & former Head of Creative Development, ITV Imagine

What I like about this book is that you can consult it, you don’t need to read it from beginning to end. It is also extremely inspiring, I found myself activating a lot of ideas and thoughts in my head while reading it. It doesn’t fall into the trap of selling concepts for the sake of it, it shows it is written with passion and solid understanding of the challenges.

Gabriele Galassi, Head of Benelux and Pan-Europe, BBC Worldwide

If you run a creative agency of any description then this book should be on your list to read. It’s packed with a wealth of useful and relevant information. Its well throughout through, structure and easy to read. A book I will continue to dip in and out of as I develop myself and my business.

Paul Bailes, Managing Director, Cohesion Marketing by Design

The wisdom and insights in The Spark have been instrumental in forming our company strategy. As a director in a leading creative digital agency it helped me see we weren’t communicating our strengths and unique selling proposition as well as we should have been. I’ve used The Spark to help me create an “idea methodology” which now acts as a catalyst for ideas within our teams. This book takes you straight to where you need to be to add value to your business and leadership approach – highly recommended.

James Bearne, Creative Director, Sequence

I have just finished reading this book on my flight to San Francisco. I have to compliment the author on the work. It definitely deserves its place in the annals of business books and I believe makes a healthy contribution to the debate about creativity in business.

Martyn Cuff, Chief Operating Officer, Allianz Infrastructure Transformation

This is a must for anyone in the creative industry who is trying to take it to the next level. As the Creative Director of a multi-media company, this book has been invaluable. A great read!

Damian Fitzsimmons, Founder, Brave Man Media