Working Together



Thought Leadership

  • We need inspiration: Greg delivers engaging, entertaining and interactive keynote speeches, workshops and seminars based on his extensive research.

Leadership Development

  • We need to develop leaders: Greg designs and delivers high-impact leadership development programmes which align with strategy and values to drive measurable results. Occasionally, he coaches executives on a 1-2-1 basis.

Organisational Change

  • We need a clear strategy: Greg helps leadership teams engage in a collaborative process to review and create an implementable ‘blueprint’ of organisational vision, purpose, objectives values and commercial strategy.
  • We need to change: Greg helps companies to ‘build the blueprint’ – advising on how to navigate the communication, leadership and planning challenges associated with organisational change.
  • We need to focus the team: Greg acts as a regular “critical friend”, facilitator and Non-Executive Director.
  • We need to engage our people: Greg designs and delivers high-impact communication and engagement interventions to align managers and staff with the vision and values of the business.

If you are interested in working with Greg please send him a message via the contact page on this website.