The Spark - Greg Orme

The Spark

The Spark – How to Ignite and Lead Business Creativity (FT Publishing) is an inspiring ‘how-to’ manual to boost innovation in your team or business.

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  • Higher profits: Businesses which innovate outperform their rivals.
  • Faster growth: 80% of leaders identify innovation as vital to benefit from the economic recovery.
  • Innovative new products: to survive accelerating ‘Creative Destruction’ driven by new technology and globalisation.
  • Victory in the War for Talent: staff turnover in creative companies is lower.
  • Higher returns on R&D investment: there’s currently little correlation between R&D spend and shareholder return.


Over two decades of experience of Greg Orme’s work with the world’s best creative businesses.

Ten powerful leadership and organisational habits which switch on the power of Electric Conversations leading to The Spark of new ideas.

Unique insights, practical advice and compelling stories from the world’s most creative organisations including CERN, Netflix, Dyson, Apple, Saatchi & Saatchi, Aardman, Channel 4, Penguin Random House, 3M, IDEO, Sky, Pixar and Ogilvy & Mather.

The Spark

Praise for The Spark...