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An award-winning expert on how to develop future-fit leadership to drive innovation and transformational change.

Greg speaks to business audiences around the world. Click below to take a look at his showreel…

Check out Greg’s new book The Human Edge (Pearson) which was named as Business Book of the Year 2020…

Greg helps facilitate engaging and 
challenging executive conversations to deliver transformational organisational change…


Greg is…

A speaker, facilitator, coach, adviser and author, Greg focuses on how organisations thrive in a world of accelerating change.

He helps develop behaviours, processes and culture to support creative-thinking, innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit in the shifting context of The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

What Greg's clients say

Neuroscience For Leaders

45-minute webinar – How can you stay productive when your entire life is turned upside down? And how can you help your teams to get through this challenging time?

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