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Greg has been invited to speak at leadership and staff away days, conferences and large events all over the world. 

He’s clocked up hundreds of thousands of miles, more than 350 sessions – and a few too many airports and hotel rooms!  He has a number of highly-effective keynotes and longer sessions which can be tailored for a variety of audiences. He can also shape his research and insights to suit the topic of your event.

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Here are some of his key themes and most highly-rated sessions:

  • Are you Future-Fit? How to transform your leadership style to succeed in a fast-changing world. In this video Greg talks about one of the key behavioural changes: stop providing all the answers and instead asking great, disruptive questions.
  • Sharpen your Human Edge: How to develop the leadership ‘superpowers’ in Greg’s book The Human Edge (Pearson), named as Business Book of the Year 2020. Why being conscious, curious, creative and collaborative will future-proof your career in a world of technological disruption. In this video Greg offers a brief introduction to the context for the increasing and vital  importance of creativity in the workplace.
  • L.I.F.T.™ your Team in Challenging Times: Practical science-based tools and techniques on how to use Laughter, Ideas, Focus and Threat to help team in times of disrupted change. 
  • Boost Your Leadership Impact: How to communicate with impact in face-to-face and virtual scenarios to land your message with energy and interaction.  
  • Experiment to build an Innovative Culture: How to rapidly develop, test and learn from your ideas to adapt faster than your shifting environment is changing around you. In this London Business School blog Greg explores the Silicon Valley roots of this thinking.


Greg has delivered more than 350 highly-successful talks and interactive sessions to business audiences around the world.

“…we received extraordinarily great evaluations from our audience. Greg demonstrated excellent knowledge of the topic, brilliant presentation skills and amazing charisma.”

Helena Sladkovská
Head of Marketing and Business development for the Czech Republic, EY

“…my team said it helped them to think about their role and make plans to be even more effective. The only complaint: people asked if we could have an even longer session with Greg next time!”

Jill Williams
Global Corporate Communications, eBay Classifieds Group

“…high-energy, story-driven and humorous style which keeps people smiling…they left with valuable insights to increase their leadership impact. I highly recommend hiring Greg for your event.”

Geoffrey DeBono
Debono Group, YPO Malta


Greg's speaking philosophy

All his keynotes and sessions are:
  • Road-tested: the tools and techniques have been developed based on working with hundreds of frontline senior business leaders across the world.
  • Highly-rated: Greg’s sessions are consistently evaluated around 4.8/5 or above with executive audiences.
  • Action-orientated: Greg’s objective is always real-life behavioural change and improved business results.
  • Rigorously researched: Greg’s thinking is underpinned by his role as a London Business School programme director, his own published writing, and cutting-edge research into organisational behaviour, strategy, psychology and neuroscience.
  • Engaging: Greg’s sessions are illustrated with humour, quizzes, games and individual and group exercises
  • Memorable: Greg is a master story-teller and illustrates his insights with tales from his experience working at board level with global organisations, as well as the unique philosophies of successful entrepreneurs, inventors and change-makers.

Greg helps facilitate engaging & challenging executive conversations to deliver transformational organisational change…

Check out Greg’s two highly-acclaimed books The Human Edge (Pearson) and The Spark (FT Publishing)…

Greg regularly writes bite-size blogs to help you stay curious, creative and connected on a tight schedule…