Facilitator - Greg Orme


Greg is an expert facilitator, guiding transformational conversations about performance, strategy, purpose, and vision within global leadership teams.

As a seasoned virtual and face-to-face event facilitator (sometimes called moderator or ‘MC’ in some regions) Greg brings the questioning and summarising skills of an ex-BBC journalist, hard-won wisdom from his time as an entrepreneur and CEO,  content from his keynote presentations – as well as the challenging qualities of an executive coach. 

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Case studies

Here are a few examples of Greg’s facilitation work: 


Global Steel Manufacturer: Greg facilitated an event between the executive board and the top 250 senior managers after a proposed merger was blocked. The outcome was an honest and clear dialogue which led to clarity on next steps for the business. One senior executive commented: “Greg did an extraordinarily great job in a high-pressure situation.”


Randstad, global recruitment business: Greg designed and delivered a series of six management conferences over 12 months with 150 CEOs and management team members to discuss the commercial strategy for 29 multi-branded operating companies. A major challenge was to change from the individualistic approach by independent operating companies to a more collaborative, centrally guided approach.


As a Programme Director at London Business School: Greg continues to deliver leadership and transformation programmes for multiple global organisations in financial services, automotive, FMCG, manufacturing and technology.


Virtual Event Facilitator: Greg facilitated the popular Peak Performance in Challenging Times webinar series. In a humorous, high-energy format it offered practical tips for leaders and their teams to stay resilient, productive and creative amid disruption. The series attracted over 500 attendees from 25 countries per episode when delivered as a complimentary webinar sponsored by Speaker Ideas and other organisations. The webinar has since been delivered in-house for a variety of global organisations.  



“Facilitation is about creating a space in which people can conduct transformational conversations which lead to change.”  

“..one of the very few people in this world that can run a high level program for senior people, while addressing the strategic issues and the leadership transformation. Such an incredible journey working with Greg !! I understand why London Business School is a leading place with people like him.”

David Jestaz

VP Faurecia University, Faurecia Group

“We found Greg’s advice and participation to be inspirational and challenging and – most important – highly effective…Greg did a wonderful job in identifying and encouraging hidden potential. I recommend this unique methodology highly to anyone who wants to review their approach and boost effectiveness.”

Adrian Monck

Managing Director, World Economic Forum

“Incisive, insightful, and the consummate professional. I spent three weeks with Greg as he took a disparate group from around the world through the key elements of leadership, strategy, and creativity. A fantastic facilitator, always keen to consider all points of view, he created a brilliant atmosphere to talk, reflect and learn.”

Tim Cunningham

Head of Daytime, Princess Productions 

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