Learning and laughing through the pandemic - Greg Orme

Learning and laughing through the pandemic

A peak behind-the-scenes of my new working life.
In the last few weeks I’ve lead interactive, leadership sessions for….

C-suite execs in the hospitality industry in San Francisco, Chicago and New York
Automotive leaders and engineers in Munich, Paris and Shanghai
Senior accountants and technologists in Mumbai and Bangalore

In many webinars we’ve welcomed a wonderful mixture of nationalities and time zones.
I’ve delivered online for years, so I was fortunate to begin this unexpected virtual journey with some useful ‘through-the-lens’ experience.
However, like millions of others, the last four months has demanded that I lift my game. That’s only been possible through a spirit of adventure, experimentation and, of course, generous feedback from clients and colleagues. A huge thank you to all who’ve accelerated my learning curve.
I do miss the sheer joy of delivering keynotes and group learning sessions face to-face. I dearly hope it returns safely at some point.
But along the way I’ve learned something wonderful. It is possible to generate human connection, learning and laughter through a stream of digital 1s and 0s.


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