For future skills, see history - Greg Orme

For future skills, see history

I read something recently about valuable skills for the future of work which surprised me. Then, on reflection, it didn’t. 
Research from the The British Academy, shows arts, humanities and social science graduates are in greater demand than science students in 8 of the UK’s fastest-growing sectors. 

This means history, literature and philosophy grads are just as likely to be in work as those with chemistry, maths and engineering degrees – and paid about the same. 

The research rings true for me. 

I studied history in my first degree, and I still use the transferable skills today: 

1. Understand context before rushing to judgement
2. Gather evidence from a variety of sources to make your argument
3. Don’t trust your sources too much i.e. be watchful for confirmation bias from yourself and others 

I’d argue the tools of the historian are highly relevant for our modern digital world? 


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